Our Mission

Since the time of its creation, POMERFUL has the ambition to provide the best useful products at a reasonable price by creating a manufacturer's club where the customer get a special products for a cheap price. Thus, we promise you only the very best service full of offers and promotions, 100% satisfaction. 

Special Deals!

Thanks to our reduced structural costs (we sell only through our online shop) and our purchasing network (selection of suppliers, factory inventory, destocking of shop), we have now reached our goal to provide you with:

  • The biggest collection of useful products at a reduced cost Pomerful is today one of the shops offering the widest choice in many categories: Baby, Beauty and any product related to women's needs, etc.). You will certainly find the problem solving product that will make your life more enjoyable.

We have therefore endeavoured to offer you a user-friendly shopping site:

  • The "search bar" allows you to quickly select items according to your needs.
  • The payments solution we have selected ensures that your transactions are 100% secured. We also offer you easy payment through Paypal, Apple pay & Samsung pay.
  • New products and promotions are easily accessible. Great offers at low prices are to be found in all departments. At POMERFUL one might almost think that there are new offers every single day.

You can count on Pomerful to take care of all the little details so that you are free to celebrate what really matters: celebrating your little one with all the hugs, giggles & babbles that light up our lives.


Share your experience with us by sending a picture or video of yourself with the shiny new product you bought from us.

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We're so confident you'll love our products - we offer 100% free worldwide shipping on most items; and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Don't like something you bought? Tell us, and we'll be happy to work with you and find a solution.


Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at sales@pomerful.com

Happy shopping!

The Pomerful Team